About us

Founded in 2019, Veezha is an exquisite line of handmade jewelry collections. Our designs are inspired by centuries old culture and arts of Afghanistan with a modern twist and highlights the brilliance of natural gemstones. The delicacy that goes into creating every necklace, bracelet, ring, and earring reflects the generational legacy of Afghanistan's craftsmanship that will stand the test of time and trends. 

Our collections conveys the stories and residence of Afghan women on their journey towards freedom. We use recycled silver and gold in creating each piece to protect Mother Earth. Our jewelry collections range from minimalistic daily and work wear to evening and cocktail to exquisite jewelry in difference designs and styles. 

As a brand with a heart, we take pride on supporting Afghan women and children's education by sharing 3% of our profit. 

 Founder of Veezha: Tania Aria

Tania Aria- Founder of Veezha LLC  

Tania Aria is a successful young Afghan entrepreneur and jewelry designer who founded Veezha in 2019 and established a reliable supply chain of ethical handmade jewelry with natural gemstones from Afghanistan to the global markets. As a millennial Afghan women she supports and advocates for her fellow Afghan women with her artistic approach through jewelry collections, each conveying the stories and resilience of Afghan women.